Jon Cullen

Jon Cullen

Director of Practice Management

Jon Cullen joins Pallas Capital Advisors as the Director of Practice Management. In this pivotal position, Jon assumes responsibility for orchestrating the operational and administrative facets of the team, ensuring seamless functionality across all fronts. With a keen eye for optimization, Jon spearheads the development and execution of strategies aimed at refining practice operations, fostering efficiency, and amplifying organizational effectiveness. Jon brings his expertise to evaluating practice performance, identifying areas for improvement, and implementing best practices and standardized processes to enhance operational effectiveness.

Jon began his career in financial services at UBS as a Registered Client Service Associate. There he worked with multiple teams in various roles including relationship management, wealth management and practice coordination. His dedication to exceptional service and his proactive approach to clients underscored his success.

Jon’s tenure at Morgan Stanley further showcased his leadership acumen and operational prowess. As a Business Service Manager, he oversaw critical business and service functions, supervising a team of 22 staff while ensuring compliance with firm policies and procedures. His strategic initiatives and meticulous attention to detail were instrumental in driving operational excellence and fostering a culture of collaboration within the complex.

Originally from MA, Jon currently resides in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife Danielle, son Jonathan Jr, and daughter Natalie.

Outside of work, Jon is a passionate musician, frustrated golfer, and pretty good at picking things up and putting them down. Despite being in the heart of Packer Country, Jon is an avid Boston sports fan and loves telling the locals that Boston is the “real” title town. In his leisure time, Jon finds joy in coaching soccer for his children and cherishing family moments, whether in the cozy confines of their living room or during family outings.

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