Investment Management

Striving to Protect and Grow Your Wealth

Personalized Results

We believe in the value of a personalized plan.  Our investment management services are designed to seamlessly integrate a client’s financial plan with targeted investment strategies while striving to preserve and grow capital in a tax-efficient manner.

Our Investment Philosophy

We are a team dedicated to objectively seeking the most effective investment solutions for each client. Our goal is simple: perform well across market cycles. To enable this, we constantly collaborate within our investment team and with our client’s outside partners to deliver the most effective investment solutions.

Our Process

Every strategy we develop is fully customized and begins with a clear understanding of each client’s unique financial requirements; there is no cookie-cutter approach.  Institutional rigor is applied to develop high quality, balanced portfolios across asset classes. Every decision is designed to preserve and grow capital in the most tax-efficient way possible.

The Pallas investment team designs proprietary building blocks for every asset class combining the best of internal and external experience.  A systematic approach to security selection and asset allocation provides for optimal portfolios at every risk tolerance level.  Income and capital appreciation investments are allocated across public equities, public and private debt, venture capital, private equity, commodities, and private real estate opportunities.

Investment Management Services

Tailored Portfolio Management

We customize portfolios to achieve your goals and accommodate your risk profile.

Asset Allocation

Selection of investment vehicles extends from liquidity needs, return goals, and risk diversification opportunities.

Risk Management

We comprehensively and systematically balance risk exposure for individual circumstances.

Fiduciary Responsibility

We believe deeply in our fiduciary obligations and we acknowledge this responsibility in writing.

Open Access

We strive to provide the best performing and most consistent investment vehicles across the globe.

Research and Analysis

We utilize disciplined financial insights to empower you and your portfolio at every step.


Core Values

Cam Newton, CFA®
Portfolio Manager

“Optimal client outcomes are achieved through formulating a thoughtful investment strategy in conjunction with the financial plan. A disciplined, long term approach reaps benefits across economic cycles. Being dispassionate during volatile times and sticking to a systematic investment discipline leads to a high probability of success.”

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