Pallas Institute

Pallas Institute is an in-person financial literacy and education program for college students. This unique program offers an introduction to the investment industry, exposes students to potential careers in finance and investing, and gives students a chance to apply their learning through interactive case studies and presentations.

“What I was able to learn at Pallas in just two days was remarkable. By hearing from successful voices spanning the financial services industry, I not only gained the financial crash course of a lifetime but also authentic, transparent insight for breaking into a finance career—starting from step one.”


Rachel Friedland, Cornell University and Girls who Invest


Jackson Roberts, Tulane University

“The Pallas Institute provided me with a fantastic opportunity to increase my financial literacy and expand my professional network. I was able to discover a variety of pathways into the financial industry as well as essential skills for a successful career.”

“Pallas institute is filled with thoughtful people who care about what they do and you can see that in how they interact with each other and how enthusiastic they are to share their knowledge with everyone who attended the program.”


Summer Gayle,
Suffolk University and Boston Collegiate Alumnus

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