Pallas Capital Welcomes Game-Changing $110 Million Next-Gen Advisor to the Roster


BRAINTREE, Mass., OCT 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Pallas Capital Advisors, LLC (“Pallas Capital”), is pleased to announce that Andrew Krout, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management has joined the growing team of experienced independent wealth advisors and client relationship managers at the firm.

Andrew manages over $100 million and personifies the emerging generation of financial advisors, infusing the industry with fresh perspectives, innovation, and deep expertise. With years of financial planning and investment strategy experience, Andrew is well-positioned to serve as a role model and contribute significantly to the firm’s next-generation initiatives.

Pallas Capital is prepared to empower Andrew with valuable resources and growth opportunities, propelling his career further in the industry. Andrew has already positioned himself as a forward-thinking next–generation Advisor, as he was most recently recognized as Forbes 2023 Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisor Best-In-State. This accomplishment is based on industry experience, client retention, assets under management, revenue trends, and compliance records and neither Pallas Capital Advisors nor its advisors pays a fee in exchange for the ranking.

“As the industry continues to evolve, the choice to align with Pallas Capital was a clear and compelling one. As I delved deeper into Pallas Capital’s core values, comprehensive planning solutions, unique investment opportunities, abundance of resources, and exceptional collaborative culture, it became evident that this was a valuable opportunity for me and my clients. I knew that Pallas Capital would be capable of offering clients an all-encompassing range of wealth management strategies and new opportunities.” – Andrew Krout, Senior Vice President, Wealth Management

“Over the past year, it has become evident that advisors are actively seeking resources to adeptly navigate the dynamic landscape of the industry and better serve their clients’ goals and objectives. We are steadfast in our pursuit of advisors who not only resonate with our practice philosophy but more significantly, harbor a strong aspiration to expand their practice within the Ultra-High-Net- Worth domain. As fellow advisors, we know well what can truly elevate the client experience and ultimately benefit advisors as well,” Pallas Capital’s CEO and Founding Partner, Richard Mullen, stated.

Per Greg Boyle, CGO and founding partner “When we started Pallas a little over four years ago, our goal was to attract the best and brightest financial advisors. We knew they would thrive and grow if surrounded by resources, culture, and easier access to more innovative financial options for their clients than they were getting at their large, commoditized firms. Fast forward to today, and we are thrilled to have advisors like Andrew join our firm.”

Andrews’s skills synergizing with the Pallas team’s capabilities within financial planning for ultra-high-net-worth clients, will serve to enhance his approach even further. Andrew’s deep understanding of the modern financial landscape and trends, combined with his passion for empowering clients to achieve their goals, sets him apart and we are overjoyed to have him on our team.”

We eagerly anticipate witnessing Andrew’s future achievements on behalf of his clients as he leverages Pallas Capital’s innovative team, platform, investment models, and extensive access to alternative and traditional offerings to help preserve and grow clients’ wealth.

If you are an advisor considering making the move to independence, please visit us at to learn the additional ways that Pallas Capital is innovating the art and science of modern financial planning.

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