Market Update 8.6.2020

Webinar Recording 8.6.2020
(August 6, 2020) James Landry sits down with Richard Mullen and Mark Bogar, CFA, to answer your timely questions on the market and the economy.

(03:30) We are at the tail-end of the 2nd quarter earnings season, with approximately 80-90% of results in. Any surprises from what you might have expected?

(05:55) Return for the S&P and NASDAQ are up, however, for emerging markets and international indices we see a different story. Is there any reason behind this?

(07:12) Where are we in terms of the recession? Is it over? 

(13:10) What are your thoughts on the stock market being significantly over valued? 

(15:55) How do you think the stimulus has directly impacted the market? If another round of stimulus is issued, will that continue to have an impact?

(19:37) The spread of Covid-19 is slowing the recovery and creating a new round of uncertainty. Might this be temporary? Might new cases begin to slow in August and September? Could we see a second wave in the fall and winter?

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