Market Update 6.4.2020

Webinar Recording 06.04.2020

(June 4, 2020) James Landry, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Planning, spoke with Richard Mullen, Co-Founder & Managing Director, on the current state of the market.

(07:30) What has fueled the rally in the stock market?

(09:55) So, do you think what you see out there might indicate some stabilization in the economy?

(14:01) What is the current status of the trend for on-shoring?  

(18:20) Many are now wondering how much money the Fed can print. Is there a limit? 

(20:16) Looking towards markets that have opened, what can we learn from their recovery thus far?

(23:06) If there is a vaccine that is developed, a lot of this changes. Is the vaccine key to a lot of the change that may be permanent?

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