Market Update 5.21.2020

Webinar Recording 05.21.2020

(MAY 21, 2020) James Landry, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Planning, spoke with Richard Mullen, Co-Founder & Managing Director, on the current state of the market.

(0:39) Do you agree with the idea that the market may be recovering unnaturally fast?

(04:41) Unemployment levels are now at those of the Great Depression and some economists believe that the U.S. will enter a Depression. What are your thoughts on this?

(09:16) What are some investment trends you see now that will be sustained long-term?  

(15:18) In this market, what has the advantage – active management or passive, index investing? 

(19:11) Governor Baker announced this week the four phase plan to get people back to work. What does this mean for the team at Pallas Capital Advisors?

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