Market Update 4.30.2020

Webinar Recording 04.30.2020

(APRIL 30, 2020) James Landry, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Planning, sits down with Richard Mullen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, to answer your questions on the current state of the market.

  • Can you explain the apparent disconnect between the current economic catastrophe, and the fact that as we sit today, the S&P is own only 9% YTD, and the Nasdaq is down only 0.65%? (04:50) 
  • What will be the result when the markets align with the current economic reality? (08:45)
  • Do you have any feelings as to the short, mid, and long-term impact of the stimulus that has been passed into the law by the CARES Act? (10:41)
  • I know we stated in March that we didn’t feel there would be a “V” or “L” shaped recovery.  Has that opinion changed? (14:23)
  • What is the overall strategy PCA has put into place with regard to getting back into the market? (16:46)
  • What should clients be doing right now to best position themselves for what may be coming down the road? (19:45) 

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