Market & Planning Strategies Update 05.07.2020

Webinar Recording 05.07.2020

(MAY 07, 2020) James Landry, Chief Operating Officer and Director of Planning, provides a planning strategies update then speaks with Richard Mullen, Co-Founder and Managing Director, to provide some clarity on what we are seeing in the markets.

(01:50) Overview of the SECURE Act

(05:27) Overview of the CARES Act – Non Stimulus Provisions

(11:02) A lot of people have been comparing this crisis to the Great Depression – how is it different? 

(15:14) Warren Buffet recently mentioned that he remains as optimistic as ever – do you agree with him? What advice would you give to someone nearing retirement during this crisis? 

(18:48) How does the Pallas team feel about exposure to international and emerging markets right now?

(21:22) Do you think that the Modern Monetary Theory has been vindicated with the recent level of interest rates?

(27:16) Do you think there will be a third round of stimulus? 

(28:55) Do you see a retesting of the lows? Does it make sense to raise more cash?

(31:43) Is there a deadline for taking a coronavirus related distribution?

(32:20) How do I know if I qualify to take a coronavirus related distribution? 

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