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Identifying and Managing Risk Management

At Pallas, we take a cross-disciplinary approach to planning that includes a comprehensive review of clients’ insurance needs. Those needs can be more than just income replacement and are often tied to objectives around estate liquidity and business owner transfer concerns.

Risk Management Involves

An individual’s life insurance portfolio is just as important as his or her investment portfolio. The proper design and implementation of life insurance requires skill, care, and planning. At Pallas, we consider a number of factors when helping clients optimally design the amount and structure of life insurance to meet their objectives:

  • Selection and quality of insurance carrier
  • Special underwriting considerations
  • Type and duration of policy
  • Income replacement needs
  • Business owner succession planning
  • Estate planning liquidity
  • Asset reforestation
  • Optimize ownership and beneficiary designations
  • Preferred placement life insurance
  • Funding methods
  • Key employee benefits

Like other types of insurance, long-term care insurance protects you against a specific financial risk- in this case, the chance that long-term care will cost more than you can afford. Long-term care insurance can help you preserve your assets and guarantee that you’ll have access to a range of care options. The following ideas need to be considered: 

  • Type and duration of policy
  • Alternatives to traditional long term care insurance
  • Tax-efficient funding methods for business owners
  • Key employee benefits

Your chances of being disabled for longer than three months are much greater than your chances of dying prematurely, due in part to medicine that has made many fatal illnesses treatable. Although this is good news, it increases your need to protect your income with disability insurance. You don’t have to be working in a hazardous position to need disability insurance. Accidents happen not only on the job but also at home, and illness can strike anyone. At Pallas, we help our clients’ understand their options for disability protection planning. Considerations include:

  • Short term/long-term
  • Own occupation
  • Buy/sell funding for business owners
  • High earner disability insurance

For the business owner client, life insurance and disability income insurance can be effectively used to solve certain financial needs such as:

  • Protecting the business against economic loss when a key employee dies
  • Disposing of a business owner’s interest upon death, disability, or other separation from the business
  • Attracting and retaining valuable employees
  • Rewarding faithful employees
  • Buy-Sell Funding
    • Life Insurance
    • Disability Insurance
  • Key Person Funding
    • Life insurance-funded non-qualified compensation plans
    • Long-term care benefits

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