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We partner with to help you make important decisions throughout your life that will have a significant impact on your retirement years.

Understanding Retirement Planning

Too many people simply designate a percentage of their income to go into a 401(k) or 403(b) and then forget about it. This limited planning rarely takes advantage of all of the opportunities to maximize your income in your senior years. A thorough understanding of retirement planning includes identifying potential income streams, estimating expenses, choosing the right savings and investment strategies, managing your risk, and more.

We’ll help you answer…

Many individuals work far longer than they need too – because they enjoy their careers and find them to be very fulfilling.  But all individuals want to know when they will reach financial independence.  At Pallas, we build financial models to help you understand if you are on track to reach that milestone, and give you sound recommendations to ensure you get there.

For many, it’s not simply “retire” – it’s “retool”.  If you have planned well, in retirement you will have the freedom and resources to invest in those things that are most important to you and your family.  It is important to think ahead of how you will invest your most precious commodities – your time, and your energy during what can be some of the most rewarding years of your life.

No one can predict the future.  However, we can help you plan for those “what ifs” – a pro-longed health care need, a premature death, disability, heightened volatility in the investment markets – and more.  Planning ahead means being prepared when the unexpected happens.  This planning is fundamental to the work we do for clients and is critical to helping them meet their objectives – even when the unexpected happens.

What Stage of Life Are You in?

What Stage of Life Are You in

Your retirement planning process will vary greatly depending on your stage of life. Again, the earlier you start, the better. Those who begin planning during their young adult years will want to take advantage of higher risk, higher return strategies for retirement investments, as compound interest rises your investments over the years.

Those in their early mid-life will be facing a lot of extra expenses like student loan payments, credit card debt, possibly even new mortgages. However, it’s still critical to continue your retirement investment strategies and be sure you’re signing onto disability insurance and life insurance.

In later mid-life, you’re approaching retirement age, and in general, you’ll become more conservative with your retirement strategies. The goal is to protect and grow what you have rather than take risks for higher return. Still, if you’re only getting started at this level, it may be a good idea to take a few risks. We’ll discuss your best strategies based on your current earnings and portfolio, and where you need to be.

Retirement planning also accounts for estate planning needs, home and mortgage expenses, asset management, taxes from withdrawing and borrowing against retirement accounts, insurance premiums like healthcare and Medicare, and other issues that tie into your retirement strategies. Contact Pallas Capital Advisors to create an ideal retirement plan that will help ensure your golden years are indeed golden.

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